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Lawyer Christopher Schmidt

Christopher Schmidt is qualified to practice law within the Federal Republic of Germany and is a Member of the Bar of Oldenburg.
Our firm offers expert advice regarding all matters legal issues related to your private life or your business. Our top priority is to provide you with legal counseling and problem-solving specific to your needs.

As the law develops in complexity and the financial environment changes, it is increasingly important to be legally versatile.  We remain up-to-date with ongoing professional development and skill-enhancement training to ensure that we can offer high quality legal services in personal and financial matters.

We specialize in the capitalization of your financial receivables. By identifying your financial issues and offering the appropriate solutions, we can guarantee fast access to the assets of your debtors.

We use state-of-the-art software and a comprehensive database of debtors to protect your profits. Our client base includes several international companies, making us your ideal partner in realizing account receivables throughout Europe.

We execute pre-trial  encashment manage your receivable accounts as well as carrying out procedures for the forced sale of collaterals and judicial claims.    

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